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Innovation „à la carte“

ACEA – Your partner in the heart of Europe for industrialization, PCB mounting and assembly of electronic components.


Close to the German-French border, ACEA is the ideal partner for companies in both countries. The current industry focus of ACEA is telecommunications, home automation, industrial electronics and safety equipment.

ACEA has the answer to all your needs. We use all our experience in order to find the best technical solution for you - from the prototype development to design, mounting and assembly of the final products.

Due to our market experience we can offer an extensive material management, which is characterized by a customized and cost-effective procurement, consultations on the selection of components and international suppliers.

ACEA guarantees the conformity of your products through various tests as well as the physical and chemical protection by appropriate coating techniques.



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5 rue des Genêts

Courriel : contact@acea-ems.com
Tél : +33 (0)3 88 09 86 00
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