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Quality and Certification

ACEA has been ISO 9001 certified since 1995.

The entire staff of ACEA is involved in a continuous improvement process. This allows us to meet the expectations of our customers in respect of quality and delivery time and gain their trust for the future.

Our quality management system based on:

• A clear process mapping
• The use of Visual Management
• A continuous process-control

This ensures the quality of our services


IPC-A 610 (class 2) and UL

To ensure the reliability of our services, all of our employees in soldering, alteration and repair are trained in accordance with the IPC-A-610 standard (with and especially without lead).

Products or components according to UL safety standards can be used upon request.

Our quality certifications.


ISO 9001 v 2015   IPC-A 610 (classes 2 and 3)
* Lead free
  UL produit   NF and A2P   SNESE
ISO 13485 v 2003                






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